I established my art studio in East Aurora, New York in 1971. I moved it to Buffalo, New York, various locations in New York City, Westerly, Rhode Island and back to East Aurora while maintaining residence in Manhattan.

As of July, 2015 the Clufffalo Institute is located on the Roycroft Campus in Suite 120, The Print Shop, 21 South Grove Street, East Aurora, New York 14052

I am presenting a Painting Workshop which extends my interest in engaging the public to make paintings with me. The Workshop is based on the format of a studio visit session of an hour or two. Participants may be individuals or groups of up to six people (based on the space of the workshop). Toddlers to any age are invited, and, whatever the participant’s degree of art sophistication, a special experience will be provided. My approach to painting is “painterly, gestural abstraction”, rooted in 10th Century Chinese brushwork, J.M.W. Turner, Impressionism, Fauvism, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism. Participants will be offered materials and use of my unique “big finger” painting tools to make a work to take home. Participation in the Clufffalo Painting Workshop is based on a fee of $100 per session for up to 6 participants.

Each season an ongoing painting will be available for participants to add to and me to “edit.” A book is produced that includes portraits of the participants and images of each state of the painting after each session.

The Clufffalo Painting Workshop is available any time of the day. There is only one session per day to allow for drying. Call 646-283-6964 to make an appointment. Drop-ins may be accommodated based on availability.

I have presented my art in more than 60 solo exhibitions, 150 group exhibitions and more than 600 of my works are included in the collections of more than 70 museums. CV is here.

Here are books that represent my work:

Magnitudes: Paintings from the 1980s and 1990s
O My Goodness
The Way to Clufffalo
Clough Paintings 2011-13
The Clufffaloes
Clufffalo: Hamburg
Clufffalo 2015
Clufffalo: Autumn 2015
Three Types of Clufffaloes
Clufffalo:Winter 2016
Clufffalo: Spring 2016
Clufffalo: Summer 2016
Clough 23 Moments
Studio Color (1999)
The Westerly Sculpture (2006)
Vosburg (2011)
Darling Road (2014)
Central Park (2015)
East Aurora Winter 2014-2015
Clufffalo: Autumn 2016
Clufffalo: Autumn 2016 Stereo Details
Charles Clough: Works 2016
Clufffalo: Winter 2017
Clufffalo: Winter 2017 Stereo Details
Clufffalo: Spring 2017
Clufffalo: Summer 2017

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