The Clufffalo Public Painting Workshop offers the opportunity to make an image with paint that will become part of art history.

The Workshop produces one painting per season upon which participants add layers of paint through the course of the season. The participants and their state of the painting are photographed. At the end of the season the painting is gouged, ground and polished to “integrate” the layers and finish the process. The documentation is then made into a book that joins the participants’ efforts with the history of art. (See Clufffalo: Seasons books in the Archive section.)

Participation is based on being at the Workshop, Room 120, 21 South Grove Street, East Aurora, NY. You can call and make an appointment at 646-283-6964 or you can look for me at the studio. I am present most of the time. If I’m not there, call to arrange an appointment. Availability is limited by whether or not the preceding layer has dried.

Further participation includes visiting the Dorothy and Sidney Clough Memorial Library in the tower at The Print Shop and consulting with me on contemporary art.